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ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd organizes its own annual flagship events such as the Global Indian Festival which is held in June annually and Deepavali Carnival with is an open concept shopping carnival which runs for two weeks before the National Celebration of Deepavali. ASC Agenda Suria Communication also works with various Multinational companies to organize Corporate Events and promotional activities.

Our extensive experience in the field of event management is focused on providing a unique experience to each of our clients, be it the occasion of launching a product, Trade Fair, Exhibitions etc. The experience of working with brands, corporate organizations in Malaysia and its region helps us to provide clients with cost effective and outstanding solutions.

Our range of event management and event planning services are backed by team of industry experts in the field of creative design, pyrotechnics, special effects system, lighting & AV systems. We also have with us latest range of audiovisual equipment that helps in making events not just successful but also memorable for years to come.


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Our Mission

Our mission at ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd is to provide a professional range of event management services in a creative, innovative and cost effective manner, ensuring our clients specific aims and objectives are fulfilled and their expectations are exceeded.

The company group has many relationships -- with employees, corporations, clients and celebrities. These relationships have been built on a foundation of mutual loyalty, which provides us with a sensitive understanding of the needs of our business associates. Through loyalty and teamwork, our common goals are achieved.

Our company takes great pride in our relationships. In everything we do, we consider the needs of our clients, their associates and employees. We are committed to creating the most attractive, hospitable and effective Event environments possible. We understand that the growth of our company and its affiliates is dependent upon a continuing commitment to the people we serve.

For many years in the Event Management business, agenda suria and its affiliates have been committed to the principle of integrity

Integrity is moral soundness, especially as it is revealed in dealings that test steadfastness to truth, purpose, responsibility or trust

This value, more than any other, guides our approach to business.


Our Vision

We have a vision to provide a wide range of event management services to our all our clients by incorporating the following aspects in our services:

01 /

Innovative approach backed by creative ideas.

02 /

Individually managed customized accounts that are backed by professional supervision.

03 /

Research based services that help us to understand the prevailing trends and tastes.

04 /

Timely execution with flexibility to react and meet rapidly changing requests.


Our Principles

Agenda Suria's philosophy of work is based on these two important principles

01 /

Every event is unique. Therefore, each event concept is tailor-made to suit that event.

02 /

Our environment is our home and place of work. We therefore care for it, just like we care for our homes.

The first principle explains that we always provide fresh and tailor-made ideas to fit our events, and not the other way around. It also means that since we are doing something, we should do it brilliantly, and not just good, because we only have one shot to leave a lasting impression on our guests, and that better be spectacular and satisfying.

Our second principle deals with the environment. We try our best to preserve our environment and place of work. We minimize damage and harmful waste starting at the design stage up to implementation and, later, tear-down. After all, if we don't preserve our environment and surroundings, we would have no more place to work.

Bearing these two principles in mind, we always provide our best efforts at designing, organizing and managing events that mean successful and cost-effective endeavors for our clients.


Jaggarao Simancha



Jaggarao Simancha, 48, is the Managing Director of ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd. Jagggarao has a Bachelors Degree in Finance & Accounting from the University of Wales, UK. Jaggarao started his professional career in the field of Finance & Accounting in PLUS Berhad , a Semi- government infrastructure company which he served from 1989 until 1995. Jaggarao moved to work for a few other MNC companies in the same capacity.

After a working for Corporate companies, Jaggarao took on roles to organize events for his company and found event organizing to be his forte. After working for 10 years and organizing various events for his ex employer, Jaggarao decided to start his own by forming Agenda Suria Communication in 2002.

Jaggarao was instrumental to the concept and planning of successful events like Deepavali Carnival & The Global Indian Shopping Festival. Jaggarao was determined to ensure that these annual events organized by him continued to be more successful then its previous years and this was clearly and evidently achieved when the Global Indian Shopping Festival continued to break its record in terms of the number of visitors. In 2007 the Global Indian Shopping Festival achieved a phenomenal response of almost 500,000 visitors. In 2014, Jaggarao was appointed as Deputy President of MASACOM, (Malaysia- South Asia Chamber of Commerce). Through the Chamber, Jaggarao managed to excel many great tasks and programs mainly related to the increase of trade between Malaysia and India and elevating the standards of living for Malaysian Indian business community in general.

The event through the sheer vision and management of Jaggarao also achieved corporate sponsorship and support from Telco giants like Maxis and Celcom. Jaggarao’s also managed to device smart partnerships with media leaders like Astro and THR(Time Highway Radio). Press media like Tamil Daily Malaysian Nanban and Cine Fashion Magazine.