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World Indian Festival 2015

Why Singapore?

Accelerated growth and flexible economy are two very important factors which govern success of a business and investment opportunities to be availed. Surprisingly one finds all these factors in Singapore, motivating many foreign entrepreneurs and business tycoons to establish company branches, representative offices and an entirely new company here. Singapore advocates free trade policy which provides benefit for foreign trade and exchange making it a great market to be explored.

Prominent Points making Singapore a growing business hub:

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The geographical location of Singapore favors business and foreign trade, much to its approachability and positioning.

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Singapore is blessed with state of the art infrastructure, best transportation mediums and flexible commercial sector.

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Even the stats show that Singapore is best place to do business owing to its free trade policies.

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Governed by flexible and part stringent immigration policies, Singapore gives an easy thoroughfare for business entrepreneur.

The potential of Indian market in Singapore

The Indian Shopping market in Singapore is growing at the phenomenal pace. With direct consumers of 1.2 billion Indian and another 1.2 million people of Indian origins from all over the globe, the demand for Indian lifestyle products are inflating worldwide. Indian lifestyle products and services is also gaining preference among non Indian consumers and enforcing its prominence in the world market due to its eccentric value which offers:

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Quality products at nominal price.

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Growth- Indian lifestyle is growing in the west; as a result of New Age thinking which is of Indian origin.

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Collectible value – Many of Indians products is considered as collector’s item such as handmade rugs, pearls and etc.

This has triggered interest of non Indian to be apart of this sought after market. WIF is poised in assuming the role of facilitator in matching demand with supply and strive to ensure our exhibitors benefit from serving the Global community.

Why you should be at WIF 2015?

The best of India

India has the variety of ethnic colours and life. However it is virtually impossible to shop for products in just one city let alone under one roof. India’s best products is scattered miles apart throughout the region. In WIF 2015 we will bring the best and unique products from various traders from different parts of India such as; Kashmir, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharastra, Orrisa, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat.

Product varieties

They will be featuring a wide variety of products such as ; Handicrafts, textile, jewellery, spices condiments, Sarees, Punjabi suits, women fashion accessories, leather goods, jute items, toys, culinary/cutlery items, beauty and herbal products, office equipment, footwear, interior decor, bed sheets, wooden and metal carvings, painting, IT products, Indian cuisine, Indian dishes and many more. Many of these products which once can only be obtained by travelling across India, but now are available under one roof at a discounted price.

Buyer - Seller meet

The Organiser and in its effort to promote trade, investment, services and joint ventures will be organising a Buyer – Seller Meets in the sideline of WIF 2015. Among the benefits are:

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Provide platform for India Companies to network.

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Offer an opportunity to interact & establish contacts globally.

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Facilitate links with prospective buyers

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Assist in setting partnership and expansion of Trade & investment.

The Venue

Singapore Expo is the largest Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions venue in Singapore and is one of the largest and most completely equipped centre in the whole of Asia. There are ten large multipurpose halls, each being 10,000 sqm in size, giving a total floor space of over 100,000 sqm. All available space are interconnected and on ground level and column free. Ten conference halls are also available, ranging in size from 89 to 844 sqm, suitable for 150 to 1,000 people. In addition, there are meeting rooms which can seat 15 to 125 members. A carpark for 2,200 vehicles is also available, which can be converted into 25,000 sqm of outdoor exhibition space. It is accessible by MRT, by transferring to the train at the middle platform at Tanah Merah interchange.

Our Commitment to Exellence

WIF continued success can be largely attributed to our culture which is rich in service and striving towards excellence. WIF pride itself in delivering premium service to its participants and relish perfection in every aspect of its service. In order to ensure your visit and participation is accompanied is equipped with.

Complete on site facilities

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Full Secretarial Service

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Restaurant and Food Court

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Media Centre

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Other Amenities

It is our pleasure to make WIF 2015 an unforgettable experience and check out what makes Singapore attractive not only as a host to WIF but also as a perfect vacation destination that is rich with culture, heritage and courtesy.