Our Events

With our in depth knowledge of the prevailing market trends backed by creative and motivated approach, we have the capability to custom tailor our services that meets both-the unique challenges of each event as well as the expectations of our clients with outstanding customer service, assuring us of success in each of the event we handle and organize.

Indian Wedding Fair

Participating vendors create lavish exhibit displays showcasing their products so that you can easily see everything they have to offer for your wedding.


Johore international indian shopping festival

Welcome to International Indian Shopping Festival - Johor and Singapore finest Indian community based festival celebrating music, dance, arts, shopping and Island Culture.


Global indian festival

The Global Indian Festival creates exciting and innovative comprising of commerce with cultural and artistic projects whilst linking together community values, cultural history and the sense of place that is invoked by an inspirational ‘one stop shopping & cultural centre’ environment.


Penang International Indian Festival

The program is dedicated to showcasing shopping halls to provide a single shopping platform for the people to buy Indian products


Deepavali Carnival

Deepavali Carnival guests enjoy exciting attractions, good food, and concerts amid a host of participating companies doing business with a captive and receptive audience. Companies generate leads, make sales, and build a positive public image, while providing a good time for all.


World indian festival 2015

It is our pleasure to make WIF 2015 an unforgettable experience and check out what makes Singapore attractive not only as a host to WIF but also as a perfect vacation destination that is rich with culture, heritage and courtesy.